Born in Northern Ireland and educated in Scotland, Sonjia Warren Brandon crossed the pond by herself at 15-years-old to become the personification of the American dream.

Soon after arriving in the U.S., Sonjia made her way to Los Angeles, and landed at CBS Television City. She quickly rose up through the ranks to become executive assistant to the president.

Her early introduction to brilliant writers, producers and actors, honed Sonjia’s eye for talent. Studio production sparked her creative side; exposure to upper level deal making sparked her business side.  This experience would eventually make her a natural for the agency business.

A few years later, she and her then husband Paul, a top theatrical agent, realized commercial actors weren’t being represented in the marketplace like other theatrical talent. She saw a niche to be filled, so with a little borrowed money, her husband’s blessings, and a lot of courage, Sonjia stepped in to fill the need. Her inner agent came out, and her agency Commercials Unlimited was born.

Sonjia became one of the first females to enter and succeed in the male-dominated Hollywood agency world. By using her smarts, quick wit and ambition, she grew her agency into one of the best and the biggest.

As president of Commercials Unlimited, Sonjia Warren Brandon oversees the on-camera, celebrity and voiceover departments, and manages key relationships with talent managers, theatrical agents, and corporate buyers.

When she isn’t busy brokering celebrity deals or booking scale actors, Sonjia is either at the gym, doing volunteer work, or spending time with her extended Scottish family and her daughter Treva, a prominent writer and blogger.

As Sonjia says: “We do things with a sense of humor, and don’t consider ourselves high-pressure agents. It’s still a thrill to book an actor of any level. This business is a never ending creative challenge.”